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GeneThera  provides a comprehensive Johne’s solution that allows to diagnose, treat and manage herds at risk or already infected with Johne’s disease.

Our proprietary Integrated Product Development Platform (IPDP)is design to prevent the spread of Johne’s disease to healthy animal and at the same time allow to better control the disease in those herds where the disease is already present.

More importantly GeneThera platform  prevents the spread of the Mycobacterium into the food chain. An important part of this strategy is GeneThera ability to detect the presence of a low  number of infected particles in milk tested for the presence of the Mycobacterium Paratuberculosis. Therefore our IPDP not only is able to detected  Johne’s infected animals but can also prevent potential human infections.


Product development



Herd Guard™ is our comprehensive Johne’s management solution which includes a diagnostic (HerdCheck™), a therapeutic (HerdSafe™), and a management system (HerdSoft™) to eradicate or mitigate Johne’s disease.

HERDCHECK™ (Molecular Test)

HerdCheck is our diagnostic product. Samples are collected using a Field Collection System with includes specific collection tubes and ship to a Genethera laboratory for processing.

The major features of the testing system are:

  • High throughput system
  • Capable of more than 20,000 tests/month.
  • Highly defined and structured testing system.
  • Proprietary Real Time PCR technology

HERDSAFE™ (Genetic Therapy)

HerdSafe is our therapeutic product. HerdSafe combines an immunotherapy treatment (LIPOSTIM™) and large-scale purification and recombinant based DNA vaccine using Adenovirus and AVV genetically engineered viruses. (PURIVAX™)


HERDSOFT™ (Software Management)

HerdSoft™ is our comprehensive Johne’s disease management solution which is a web-based product connected to our data center. The management system will deliver results, collect data and incorporate environmental analysis to guide the client on therapy and management of their herd to control Johne’s disease in their facility.