Genethera inc.

marketing strategies


Marketing Strategy 


Our goal is to focus on both the domestic and international markets for the commercialization of our MORAP and MORAPAT systems.


Our marketing approach is to align ourselves with both the private sector and government agencies.


Commercial Diagnostic Testing


In the event that we are able to develop assays for the detection of diseases in animals, we intend to establish a series of diagnostic testing laboratories geographically proximate to the primary sources of individual diseases and/or according to specific available operating efficiencies. The specific number of labs to be built and operated will be based on assay demand (demand facilitated by the number of specific disease assays we develop), our ability to obtain the capital to build the labs, and our ability to successfully manage them from our principal offices.




We intend to manage the marketing and sales of our vaccines developed as through our R&D. As we do not intend to be a vaccine manufacturer, we plan to use our licensing division to license the technology related to any vaccines that may be developed and to manage the revenue potential available from the successful development and validation of specific vaccines. We cannot provide any assurance that we will develop any vaccines or that, if they are developed, we will be able to license them successfully or that any such license will produce significant revenues.